Inauguration French City Brain

A first worldwide in China on the INFRA/AI/CLOUD subject! The “FRENCH CITY BRAIN” platform for the energy transition and smart-city is the first achievement of the “FRENCH DREAM TOWN” project.

Thanks to intelligent sensors (IOT), secure broadband network (Wi-Mesh) and development of a green blockchain, “FRENCH CITY BRAIN” a unique platform for energy data interoperability and real-time mobility makes Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the cloud truly collaborative.

Resulting of a long-term Sino-French collaboration with the Dream Town authorities, the “FRENCH CITY BRAIN” was launched on June 14th 2018 in the Dream Town District in Hangzhou. Mr. Zhao Xikai, Board Assistant Director of ZJFuture City, Mrs Fadwa Sube, Founder of French Dream Town, her OPTIVA DARNA/GOLD TRUFFLE ENGINEERING team as well as about fifteen French entrepreneurs were delighted to present their first achievement to Mrs Valérie Pécresse and her delegation.

This pioneering platform « safe city/smart energy » was developed by including several technological bricks from French companies. Energy production (photovoltaic; biogas), energy storage (batteries; hydrogen; flywheels), air quality sensors, electric vehicle sharing/management and charging stations, data monitoring thanks to an IoT/IA/Green Blockchain/ Wi-Mesh mix, etc. this demonstrator is designed as a brain at the service of the smart city, thanks to which energy consumption, mobility and network characteristics in China can be understood.

As a first worldwide, this project opens up interesting future prospects in terms of new districts and cities as it alloyed sizing, monitoring and solution deployment for changing territories. Thanks to this platform, China could accelerate its transition according to its commitments under the Paris Climate Agreement.

“FRECH CITY BRAIN” will be presented front of the international audience of the Transition Monaco Forum on June 26&27, 2018 under the high patronage of his Serene Highness Prince Albert II.

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