On the occasion of the signing of the agreement giving to OPTIVA DARNA the exclusive design and operation of French Dream Town® we are delighted to produce the first Chinese live graffiti performance of French artist L’Insecte.

L’Insecte, French artist, created a mural entitled “Metamorphosis“. Well known for delivering his messages with gentleness, aestheticism and subtlety, the artist will give us his interpretation and inspiration of French Dream Town … Very often inspired by huge animals, we let you discover his creation…


OPTIVA DARNA and the Chinese administration of Future Science and Technology City in Hangzhou (Zeijiang Province, People’s Republic of China) signed an agreement giving to OPTIVA DARNA the exclusive design and operation of French Dream Town®.

This agreement will allow the beginning of the construction of this deep-tech village located on a 2 hectares site integrating the best French and Chinese innovations into a 57,000 square metre bio-architectural complex.

In line with the “giving-giving” policy outlined by Mr Gaétan Messin, Representative of the French Consulate General in Shanghai (Attached for Science and Technology), Mrs Fadwa Sube (President of OPTIVA DARNA) confirmed that this Franco-Chinese initiative was based exactly on the concepts of co-creation and value sharing.

French Dream Town®, a true flagship of French know-how, will implement all the most advanced urban and architectural techniques, from digital technologies to the new energy management of cities of the French City Brain.

This village will also be dedicated to the pleasure of the senses, French design and way of life, essential corollaries of its technological excellence (ecological and digital innovation at all levels, from networks and infrastructures to the very experience of the visitor in terms of consumption and retail).


French Dream Town reveals its Deep Tech Hub!

A summary of technological and ecological innovations.

On Tuesday December 4th 2018, at the Awards Evening organized in Paris by the France China Committee, the 5th Annual Franco-Chinese Teams Innovation Awards, honored Optiva Darna, the Franco-Chinese company Gold Truffle Engineering and Systematic Paris Region for their ultra-innovative project for future territory in Hangzhou:

French Dream Town®French City Brain®

Among the 9 projects of excellence that reached the final, the Franco-Chinese jury, chaired by the CNRS, chose to honor the “innovative initiative” of  French Dream Town® French City Brain®, which brings together the know-how of some twenty French companies – many of them from the Systematic Paris Region – and state-of-the-art Chinese technology.

Les Deep tech at the heart of the territories of tomorrow

Headed by its founder, Fadwa Sube, named Honorary Mayor of Dream Town in Hangzhou, this project for the city of the future draws on the creativity of the French City Brain ® platform, a “Territorial Transition Tool” that collects, analyzes and optimizes data for the production and storage of new energies in real time, integrating a full range of energy and environmental sensors and secure high-speed wireless networks. Through an infrastructure of connected hardware, secure cloud and artificial intelligence, this platform will enable French Dream Town® to integrate environmental innovation techniques across all levels, city-wide.

Fadwa Sube says, “Innovation and Deep Tech are the very DNA of our initiative. The challenges related to the transition and the transformation of territories and ecosystems, are at the heart of our approach, but we also have a conviction: cultural or artistic exchange, new consumer behavior patterns and the “art of living” remain powerful catalysts in the realm of international cooperation. The diffusion of innovation of all kinds and the digitalization of the art of living and of the retail experience are crucial issues all over the world, with implications well beyond our project. As such, our initiative allows us to create new experiences for the “Art of Living, French Style”, not to mention the educational dimension, as a way of introducing the Chinese public to the “art of living” concept.

A unifying ambition

This ambitious bi-cultural project is part of a specific cooperative and entrepreneurial approach, bringing together:
8 companies from the Systematic-Paris Region Group, 3 companies from the French Dream Town Innovative Accelerator, companies from the Technopole de l’Aube, 4 innovative companies from the Yuhang District of Hangzhou, including HiThink RoyalFlush, an important AI player, as well as highly talented innovators such as 3 Michelin-starred chef, Guy Martin, or Anouk Legendre from the XTU architecture agency.
The strength and originality of this innovation has also convinced the Administration Committee of Zhejiang Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City (Zhejiang Overseas HighLevel Talents Innovation Park), a major partner for French Dream Town®. Companies, laboratories and innovative start-ups participating in the project include: Gold Truffle Engineering, DS INVEST, Dotvision, INERIS, TPFI, Evolution Energie, Nexeya, Atmotrack, Clem, Levysis, Evergaz, XtreeE, XTU, Okénite, Futuris et HIThink Royal Flush.

Significant institutional support

The Franco-Chinese Teams Innovation Awards have been organized by the France China Committee since 2014 with the goal of enhancing Franco-Chinese cooperation and prioritizing “innovative projects of excellence” as responses to new global challenges. This event is supported by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Higher Education of Research and Innovation and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in France.

The event is also supported by two Ambassadors who are particularly invested in the issues of the Franco-Chinese relationship, innovation and science: Mr. Jean-Pierre RAFFARIN, former Prime Minister, Member of Parliament, President of the Fondation Prospective et Innovation and Mr. Cédric VILLANI, mathematician and politician, winner of the 2010 Fields Medal, Member of Parliament for the 5th constituency of Essonne and President of OPECST (Parliamentary Office for the Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Planning).

From requirement to excellence

Chaired by the CNRS, the jury awards the best initiatives based on “the involvement of the Franco-Chinese team in the innovation process, the innovative nature of the project, its economic viability and the usefulness of the project in industrial, economic, environmental and societal terms”. Criteria that French Dream Town© and French City Brain© have undoubtedly met since the captivating launch of this major project.

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IOT / IA / CLOUD platfrom integrating several technological bricks such as new energies production (PV, biogas), energy storage (batteries, flywheels, hydrogen), shared eco-mobility and air quality management, developed by more than 15 French tech innovative companies and officially launched during the inauguration of French Dream Town, on June 14th, 2018 at Hangzhou, PRC.


Launched on June 14, 2018 in Hangzhou, Popular Republic of China, Fadwa Sube was delighted to present the French City Brain at the Transition Monaco Forum, under the high patronage of his Serene Highness Prince Albert II.

Interview of Fadwa SUBE by Edie Lush

A first worldwide in China on the INFRA/AI/CLOUD subject! The “FRENCH CITY BRAIN” platform for the energy transition and smart-city is the first achievement of the “FRENCH DREAM TOWN” project.

Thanks to intelligent sensors (IOT), secure broadband network (Wi-Mesh) and development of a green blockchain, “FRENCH CITY BRAIN” a unique platform for energy data interoperability and real-time mobility makes Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the cloud truly collaborative.

Resulting of a long-term Sino-French collaboration with the Dream Town authorities, the “FRENCH CITY BRAIN” was launched on June 14th 2018 in the Dream Town District in Hangzhou. Mr. Zhao Xikai, Board Assistant Director of ZJFuture City, Mrs Fadwa Sube, Founder of French Dream Town, her OPTIVA DARNA/GOLD TRUFFLE ENGINEERING team as well as about fifteen French entrepreneurs were delighted to present their first achievement to Mrs Valérie Pécresse and her delegation.

This pioneering platform « safe city/smart energy » was developed by including several technological bricks from French companies. Energy production (photovoltaic; biogas), energy storage (batteries; hydrogen; flywheels), air quality sensors, electric vehicle sharing/management and charging stations, data monitoring thanks to an IoT/IA/Green Blockchain/ Wi-Mesh mix, etc. this demonstrator is designed as a brain at the service of the smart city, thanks to which energy consumption, mobility and network characteristics in China can be understood.

As a first worldwide, this project opens up interesting future prospects in terms of new districts and cities as it alloyed sizing, monitoring and solution deployment for changing territories. Thanks to this platform, China could accelerate its transition according to its commitments under the Paris Climate Agreement.

“FRECH CITY BRAIN” will be presented front of the international audience of the Transition Monaco Forum on June 26&27, 2018 under the high patronage of his Serene Highness Prince Albert II.

It was attended by Mrs Valérie Précresse and with the collaboration of the Dream Town Hangzhou authorities of “French City Brain“, that Optiva Darna/Gold Truffle Engeenering opened on the 14 June, 2018 the Iot/IA/cloud for smart energy & safe city platform in Dream Town Hangzhou,PRC : a first worldwide that makes collaborative AI dedicated to energy transition and smart city in Hangzhou, PRC.

For the first time, thanks to intelligent sensors (IOT), secure broadband network (Wi-Mesh) and development of a green blockchain, a unique platform for energy data interoperability and real-time mobility makes Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the cloud truly collaborative.

This IOT/IA/cloud network is one of the first achievement of the Franco-Chinese French Dream Town initiative.

On behalf of Zhejiang Hangzhou Sci-tech City, I’m honored to present the title of honorary mayor of Dreamtown to Mrs. SUBE. Zhejiang Hangzhou Sci-Tech City is an incubator and platform of innovation and venture for high-level overseas talents; while Dreamtown is a very important project on the platform, like a baby tree just planted in this land that nurtures ideas and innovations, and makes dreams come true. The residents of Dreamtown—innovators and entrepreneurs—are taking every effort to build themselves a new sweet home that shines with the passion of talents, the power of innovations and the charm of collaboration. Now Mrs. SUBE is one of these residents, and also the third and only female honorary mayor of Dreamtown. Oct. 2016.

Mr Zhao Xikai, Deputy Director of Zhejiang Future Sci-Tech City Committee & Vice Chairman of Yuhang District of CPPCC