FRENCH CITY BRAIN©, a “Territory Transition Tool”, has been developed on an IoT/Cloud/AI database infrastructure and a platform combining, integrating and optimizing a mix of french technological bricks and innovations including:

– hybrid new energy production/storage system (hydrogen, lithium-ion batteries and flywheels);
– IoT technologies for the city (sensors, air quality, noise pollution monitoring, WiMesh);
– development of a green blockchain for smart energy contracts.

This platform is a global “data/ city” management as a service within the context of an increasing deployment of renewable and intermittent energies. In order to enhance their efficiency these energies request reliable energy storage systems and imperative monitoring tools optimizing “On Grid/Off Grid” mix. Depending on the size of the deployed solution this component substantially helps to decrease the carbon footprint. The component “Command Center & Dashboards” integrated to the sensors with “machine learning” enables the city and real estate managers to make real time good decisions founded on efficient and concrete optimization strategies for what regards the local specifications and constraints of energy consumption.

FRENCH CITY BRAIN © is “territory centric” and benefit from a scalable model already enabling to integrate data resulting from various and numerous technological bricks and to foresee a range combination of applications.